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I've used FileZilla for quite a while now, but recently some of it's little quirks made me think about taking some time to find a replacement ftp program. Before I did I took the time to grab the latest version to see if anything had changed in the last couple of months – and what do you know? It has.

The Site Manager was the main source of frustration, and they fixed both of my main annoyances with it. Firstly, that it would always start up the same size (which was tiny) regardless of whether it had previously been resized – now it's remembering it's previous size. If you had a lot of sites in there it used to be pretty painful to have to resize the window to get a clear shot at finding something. The next was a strange omission – previously you couldn't move sites into new folders. Once they were created, they were stuck there. That got pretty frustrating when you had a large list of sites and wanted to do a bit of reorganisation.

I've also noticed they seem to have done a few changes to the way the client sends it's heartbeat to keep from being timed out – most importantly, it seems to work now.

I used to experience occasional transfer glitches with FileZilla, and noticed others reporting the same problem. I've not had any since upgrading, but they were always pretty occasional for me. Here's hoping that's another annoyance to cross off the list.

Posted on Friday, February 13, 2009 8:58 PM |

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