April 2009 Entries

Using svnsync with VisualSVN

I’ve been using Subversion for quite some time, and yet I don’t consider myself an expert on it because for the most part it just does what I need without much effort on my part. Most of that is thanks to VisualSVN Server, which makes the whole process of running Subversion in a Windows environment so incredibly easy. All of that is a bit of a long introduction to what’s going to be an incredibly short post about getting svnsync up and running with VisualSVN server. If you don’t know what svnsync is then you can probably guess from...


I’m pretty pedantic about the way I setup projects and solutions. There’s an incredibly simple and obvious benchmark to aim for – at any time someone should be able to pull down a fresh working copy of the solution and have it compile with minimal fuss. A big part of this is how you handle references, and in an enterprise environment (or anywhere which encourages code re-use – that’s everywhere, right?) that can also extend to cross referencing projects/solutions and/or having a shared area for certain resources (third party DLLs, common code libraries and so on). If you’ve...

8.x Domino SMTP issues

I’ve had a couple of recent annoying Domino SMTP issues with a customer’s server I thought I’d post my findings here. The issue seems to have cropped up somewhere after the initial 8.0 release. Basically, SMTP mail gets stuck in the mail.box (can sit there for days) and the console displays: Router: No messages transferred to SAMPLE.COM (host SAMPLE.COM) via SMTP: The server is not responding. The server may be down or you may be experiencing network problems. Contact your system administrator if this problem persists. If you restart the router or issue “tell router update...

No need to get all possessive

None of my DVDs have any possessions of their own, so I was quite curious to see what was in this aisle.

“Veolia Transport apologises...”

There’s nothing like getting a text alert from the Auckland train service which reads “Attn Passengers. Major delays on Network. Please find alternative transport” on a Friday afternoon to make me glad to be working at home a lot right now (and especially today). Tags: NZ

File / Project / Workspace Management

I’m looking for a piece of software for Windows (Vista) giving me either multiple (virtual) desktop windows, or the ability to treat the contents of a folder like the desktop. Basically I have some folders I’m using as a dumping ground for storing work in progress, but want to be able to group / arrange things in a way which makes sense to me. I can do this using a standard folder by turning off auto arrange and using largeish icons but this has 2 problems. Firstly if I slip and change the view mode then my arranging is...


N2 CMS is an Open Source “lightweight CMS framework” powered by ASP.NET and using technologies such as NHibernate, Castle's Windsor Container, jQuery, and TinyMCE. It looks like a nice lightweight option well worth some investigation for anyone looking to implement a content managed website. The amount of people who’ve written their own CMS systems is an interesting study in human nature and the way a developer’s mind works. Regardless of how many existing systems are out there already (and there are a lot), people are regularly driven to the point where they can’t find something which meets their needs...

Conversations not overhead, anywhere, ever

“Hi, Dr Riviera? I need a heart bypass. Actually, do you mind teaching my PA here how to do it at the same time, as it’d be something which would be useful for her to know how to do in future.” As a doctor, how would you deal with that question?

Domino on Windows 2008 Server

If you’re planning to throw Domino onto a Windows 2008 Server, you should probably have a quick read of this link first: Domino Server console and Windows Server 2008 Session 0 Isolation. It might save you a few minutes of wondering “Where’s my console gone?”.