N2 CMS is an Open Source “lightweight CMS framework” powered by ASP.NET and using technologies such as NHibernate, Castle's Windsor Container, jQuery, and TinyMCE. It looks like a nice lightweight option well worth some investigation for anyone looking to implement a content managed website.

The amount of people who’ve written their own CMS systems is an interesting study in human nature and the way a developer’s mind works. Regardless of how many existing systems are out there already (and there are a lot), people are regularly driven to the point where they can’t find something which meets their needs and so they decide to write their own.

I can’t criticise this as I’m currently in the process of doing it myself. However I can stop, pause, and reflect on why I’m doing it, and make sure my reasons are still valid. Fortunately, IMHO they are – however expanding on that is best left for another post.

Posted on Wednesday, April 15, 2009 11:37 PM |

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