May 2009 Entries

Yabba Dabba Doo!

I know 5pm is sort of a “rule of thumb” for knock off time in a lot of places, but these stats imply that these guys take a 5pm finish pretty seriously. Gotta love raw data sometimes. (The stats in this graph are tracking packets/sec on their main server’s NIC)

Usability Fail

Oh, ok, I’ll go and correct that field shall I?   Oh, it’s a drop down list - filled with options you provided for me, which fail your own validation rules. Neat. To quote a friend on usability “I’m not stupid but this makes me feel stupid”. If you recognise this site as yours, and need a hand fixing some of these issues (as I’ve encountered more similar problems on this site!), then please - get in touch.

Silverlight, we hardly knew you

When Silverlight was first announced I was intrigued, excited, but pretty sceptical about whether it was going to succeed. I recently flicked through a couple of articles talking about Silverlight 3 which made me stop and think “Wow, we’re up to 3.0 already?” I haven’t thought or read much about Silverlight (well, not in a positive sense anyway) for quite some time, despite following a crapload of .NET related feeds - that can’t be a good thing. Am I wrong?

VS Explorer integration

The May 2009 edition of MSDN Magazine features a product called “VS Explorer” from LogicNP Software in it’s Toolbox column. VS Explorer adds Explorer integration to Visual Studio, which for a lot of people (including me) leads to a big productivity boost.. all for the cost of USD $35 per license. I was interested to read about VS Explorer as I’m currently using something which looks identical, except for the price. The VS File Explorer Add-In from Mindscape gives you the same functionality, for… free. You can’t say fairer than that.

Consistency in Mediocrity

Its nice to know some things in life remain consistent. Even in these recessionary times, Notes (in this case Domino Designer) still manages to produce useless error messages.

What doesn’t help Domino Server performance?

This. To quote Split Enz, “I see red I see red I see red!”. When you work with Domino you get used to people blaming it for various things – in this case, poor performance. To any aspiring Windows Admins out there, please take note – before you blame Domino, you might want to check the obvious things first.

Growl for Windows

If you’re a Mac user, then you’re probably not reading the blog of a .NET developer. But, if you are, then you’ve probably either heard of, or actively use, Growl. Well now there’s Growl for Windows. I’m interested to see how well the concept translates.

VisualSVN certificate error using post-commit hook to replicate to another Subversion repository

My final Subversion / VisualSVN related post for a while (I hope). Just a link this time, with some info regarding a VisualSVN certificate error using post-commit hook to replicate to another Subversion repository.

A great example of why Notes/Domino stuggles in the New Zealand marketplace..

Link: Notes/Domino 8.x deployment survey (