AJAX – it’s not just for drinking.

Simone from Codeclimber posted some interesting results from his survey around which flavours of AJAX ASP.NET developers are drinking using. Read the results here: Ajax survey 2009: jQuery and MS Ajax are almost tied among .NET developers

A few quick thoughts of my own:

It’s a pretty interesting/telling statistic to see the incredibly high percentage of MS Ajax users who are using partial rendering. It’s accessibility is also a large part of what makes it dangerous.

I agree with Simone’s thoughts about peoples difficulty in knowing the difference between the AJAX Control Toolkit and MS Ajax. It’d be interesting to have access to a set of clarified statistics there – one would have to assume that given the popularity of partial rendering, that a lot of those who responded saying they’re using MS AJAX should probably be listed under the AJAX Control Toolkit category (in that they’re more after asp:Controls and extenders, and less about using the JS libraries in their rawer forms).

jQuery’s rise in popularity is a good thing to see reflected in the statistics. Certainly from the amount of jQuery related talk observed across popular sites you’d have to assume that it’s being taken up, but it’s always nice to see assumptions reflected in statistics.

As a developer, commenting from the perspective of a few active projects, I should probably mention just how much I love jQuery. Because, well, I really really do love jQuery.

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