A couple of quick positive stories

It seems that it’s more often the negative experiences which serve as motivation for me to write about my customer service stories here. So it’s with pleasure that I sit down now to quickly write about a couple of positive ones instead.

The first was with Microsoft. I was contacting them on behalf of a customer who was looking to do something which they were technically allowed to do (use their license for Windows Server 2003 32bit in a 64bit installation instead), but which they didn’t have the correct media / key combination for. After a bit of jumping around customer service reps, I got to a really nice guy somewhere in Australia who simply offered to ship us out replacement media with a new key. All he needed was to see a copy of their existing license to make sure it was all legit and for the customer to pay $50 for shipping and the media and a new copy was winging it’s way to us – all sorted right then and there. The best bit? It wasn’t even his job - I got put through to his department accidentally, and he sorted me out anyway. Nice.

The second was with HTC. I dropped them a quick (but to me, fairly urgent) enquiry about my TyTn II on Saturday morning (NZ time). I expected to get a reply back in 3-5 days, and wasn’t expecting them to give me what I needed – however within 30 minutes they’d sent me back exactly what I was after. Nice.

The icing on the cake of these two stories in both cases was the technical flow on in both cases was also positive.

Replacing Windows Server 2003 32bit with 64bit made a huge difference to the performance of the server in question, as well as allowing it to actually use all of it’s physical RAM. Why do people spec out more than 3.5gb of RAM in a box and then throw on an OS which can’t even use it? Beats the hell outta me.

The HTC TyTn II request was regarding the latest ROM, which has made a huge difference to the speed of the device (both in terms of OS and data, as it seems previously I wasn’t getting proper HSDPA), as well as improving my call reception at home by a rather large amount. Seems I’ve been a bit unfair on blaming Vodafone for a few of those things.. ooops. The extra irony there is that I was doing the ROM upgrade to see if it enabled the TyTn to work on XT.. aaah irony, she can be such a cruel mistress.

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