A short collection of links

I haven’t posted a link roundup for quite some time, so here’s a small collection of some links I don’t want to lose but which don’t merit their own individual post.

List country names using .NET – simple example of using the .NET framework to populate a list of countries rather than store them in the database. Could be made infinitely more useful by being able to filter in a couple of different ways.

Windows 7: Boot from VHD First Impression – support for booting to a VHD is going to be something which is useful to anyone who uses virtualisation.

jQuery infinite carousel – a very slick horizontal scrolling image carousel with some nice options.

jQuery Div Roller: plugin for rotating html div elements – I had a use in mind for this one, but I think I need a styled shiny demo to help me remember what I was thinking of.

jQuery Treeview menu – came across this and wanted to bookmark it for a project I’m involved with. There are some occasions when you really need a treeview, and not a whole lot of good plugins. This one looks worth some investigation.

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