October 2009 Entries

Intel pulls SSD Toolbox for killing drives under Windows 7

Intel pulls SSD Toolbox for killing drives under Windows 7 – for what it’s worth it looked to me like the firmware had been pulled, but that the toolbox was still available. I’ve downloaded the toolbox and installed it under Windows 7 – it simply didn’t detect my drive, so I decided to worry about it later. Looks like procrastination paid off big time here.

12 Useful Windows 7 Shortcuts

12 Useful Windows 7 Shortcuts on Extremetech contains… do I really need to say it? Some of these are pretty useful. Some of my favorites: Ctrl+Click on a taskbar group to restore the last active window from a group (especially useful for Windows Explorer groups and MSN windows) Windows+Arrow keys to automatically snap the active window (especially useful for multi monitors, as you can’t drag to dock against the adjoining monitor sides) Windows+shift+left or right arrow to shift the active application between monitors. This is something I previously used Ultramon for on Windows XP, so having it...

New Intel SSD Firmware + Toolbox

Apparently Intel's SSD Toolbox, firmware update promises a boost in performance, and it’s supposed to be a fairly hefty boost too. However when I checked for the download this morning it seems to have been pulled. Possibly related to the comments in the post above where people claim it bricked their drives. Here’s hoping the next release fixes that “minor” issue. 40% performance improvement over something which is already rather impressive is very tempting indeed. EDIT: Yep, looks like it has been officially removed for now.

Making Windows 7 Jumplists / MRU lists work with Visual Studio

Windows 7’s addition of access methods such as jumplists and quick accessing of items from the most recently used list when an application is pinned to the start menu are great productivity boosts, so I was a little annoyed that they didn’t seem to work with Visual Studio solutions. Here's why they don't work by default, and how to fix it. Tags: Windows, Visual Studio

Mixing ASP.NET Ajax and jQuery

One of my clients has an application which makes extremely heavy use of UpdatePanels.  That’s my way of saying it was “architected” by idiots. It’s okay for me to say that, as they didn’t design it themselves – instead they paid a set of so called experts to do it for them. HINT: when you’re nesting UpdatePanels more than 3-4 levels deep, and using them in repeater templates then you’re doing it wrong. A couple of changes they wanted made were going to be easier done using jQuery, so in it went, however it took a few more tweaks...

IQueryable Search

Universal IQueryable Search is a handy extension for Linq to SQL and EF users.  Again (as I’m saying this a lot lately) it does what the title implies. I’ve used this with Linq to SQL and it works incredibly well. The ability to specify which columns are included in the search as well as being able to pass through a collection of keywords makes it pretty versatile. Link: IQueryable Search (Codeplex) Link: Universal IQueryable Search (Informational blog post)

Monthly browser tabs for October

Ever since browsers started getting pretty good at remembering their sessions, I started to develop a bad habit. It’s not uncommon for me to have a lot of sites open in tabs across my various browsers, and sometimes they stay there for weeks at a time. So once or twice a month, I’m going to start dumping the contents of my browser in a post here. Why? I’m not turning this site into another linkblog. I’m hoping it might be fairly interesting or amusing reading. The links are often things I mean to write about, but which don’t...

…and we’re off.

Currently downloading the just released Notes/Domino 8.5.1. Hoping to get it all downloaded before the Americans wake up so I can give it a test drive tomorrow. Very interested to see whether this release fixes some of my current gripes with the full blown Godzilla client. I may finally put Notes on my Mac too, as apparently it’s more Mac like! Tags: IBM,Lotus,Notes

Could not 'System.Web.UI.ScriptReferenceBase' from System.Web.Extensions

The above error can occur when moving projects created on machines with 3.5 SP1 over to a machine without it. I googled, and found tales of people needing to re-create their projects from scratch and basically needing to do a whole load of work to get their code up and running. However, in my case (and hopefully in yours too) there was a much quicker and fairly obvious fix – simply changing the ToolkitScriptManager from the toolkit to a straight ScriptManager.

Content-Disposition and IE7

Ok. It doesn’t work. I get that. IE8’s addition of X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff is very welcomed, and seems to actually work. I get that too. But I need a hack to make it work for IE7, or any alternative way to force IE7 to download a file rather than open it directly over http – and right now I don’t care how nasty it is. This is for an intranet style scenario, where I have complete control over the headers which get sent down to the clients – which are IE7. Hit me with your hacks people. Tags:...

ASP.NET MVC Preview 2

ASP.NET MVC 2 Preview 2 is now available for download. With all the talking about ASP.NET MVC it’s easy to forget that it’s still only in a preview cycle. What’s my point? Well, nothing really, other than wanting those people who write “GIVE UP AND USE ASP.NET MVC” as a reply to every forum post which mentions a problem with ASP.NET webforms to stop and think about what they’re writing before they click post. We can all dream. Tags: Microsoft,MVC

New AjaxControlToolkit Release – new controls + bugfixes

Ajax Control Toolkit: new controls, bug fixes – I can’t think of an immediate use for the Seadragon control, but I’m sure on a long enough timeline one will make itself apparent. I’m quite interested to give the AsyncFileUpload control a run through – if they’ve done a good job with this then there’s a lot more reason to use the AjaxControlToolkit. On an AjaxControlToolkit related side note, be thankful you're not this guy. Tags: AJAX, Microsoft