12 Useful Windows 7 Shortcuts

12 Useful Windows 7 Shortcuts on Extremetech contains… do I really need to say it? Some of these are pretty useful. Some of my favorites:

Ctrl+Click on a taskbar group to restore the last active window from a group (especially useful for Windows Explorer groups and MSN windows)

Windows+Arrow keys to automatically snap the active window (especially useful for multi monitors, as you can’t drag to dock against the adjoining monitor sides)

Windows+shift+left or right arrow to shift the active application between monitors. This is something I previously used Ultramon for on Windows XP, so having it built into Windows 7 is pretty useful. Also note that Windows+Shift+Up does some “maximize vertically” type operation, with Windows+Shift+Down to restore it, and then the same combo again to minimize to the taskbar.

Windows+Home to minimize all but the current application – the AAAAGH let me focus kneejerk. Windows+Home again will restore all those Windows up, which is equally as handy.


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