Incorrect Domino Web Access ‘from’ address

One of my clients occasionally encounters an issue where a user’s return email address shows up incorrectly when they send email via Domino Web Access. It seems to only happen when someone has made an error with the initial user registration which has later been corrected by a rename or an edit.

The person documents always look correct post rename and the from addresses of all other users in the Domain are showing up correctly.

Here’s the fix which seems to work for me:

Make a trivial change to the person document – just open it for editing and save it.

Rebuild all the used view indexes for your Domino Directory using “load updall -R names.nsf” (or the equivalent command if you’re on a non-Windows platform) on the server console. I know there's only one or two views used for the outbound mail addressing which are actually required to be rebuilt, but I do the lot.

Reload the router configuration using “tell router update config

It’s a fairly simple fix, but the trivial edit seems to be important, as in some instances multiple view index rebuilds and router configuration reloads have made no difference until they were done after the person’s document was edited.

All in all it’s a simple fix, but it might help someone.

Posted on Wednesday, November 4, 2009 9:57 PM | Notes/Domino

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