December 2009 Entries

Using Dropbox and TortoiseSVN together

If you’re using both of these tools, then chances are you’ll want to know about fixing Icon Overlays for Dropbox + TortoiseSVN. It’s interesting to note that the number of overlays in Windows is limited, even in Windows 7. When I read that I was quite surprised I hadn’t run into the problem sooner. Tags: Windows

Notes/Domino refactoring/analysis tools

I’m in need of a refactoring/analysis tool for use on a couple of projects - truth be told I’ve needed one for a while. The main (possibly only) feature I’m after is a global “Find” function to search for a string inside all design elements of a database (equivalent to Visual Studio’s ‘Find in Files’ / ctrl+shift+f function). The obvious contenders are from Ytria, and TeamStudio. Ytria’s product installation had a few issues, and I’m not in the mood to create an account right now so will have to take a look at it later – although looking at...

Monthly tab roundup for December

I think I need a new name for the tab roundup in the New Year – any suggestions? Here’s some of the interesting links I’ve got floating around at the moment. This month they’re a little early (for obvious reasons!). jQuery Disable right click using jQuery – the title pretty much says it all. I don’t remember needing to do this, but pretty sure something will pop up eventually. jQuery Code Snippets for Visual Studio a large collection of handy VS snippets, very useful for anyone using Visual Studio and jQuery. Full list of snippets...

UltraMon 3.0.8 beta

When I was using Windows XP with dual monitors I found UltraMon to be a must have piece of software. The Vista version seemed a bit flakey, so I’ve been living without it for a while, and since installing Windows 7 I’ve not really felt like I’ve missed it too much. However, I would like to get monitor specific taskbars back, but don’t see that working too well with Windows 7. All of that is a long way of saying version 3.0.8 of UltraMon has been released, and offers better Windows 7 support as well as plenty of other...

SQL Delta 5.0

I think I’ve briefly mentioned SQL Delta a couple of times in previous posts. SQL Delta is a tool which competes with RedGate’s SQL suite of tools, and it’s one which I purchased a while ago for some database comparison/syncing work. SQL Delta offers both structure and data comparison in the one tool, which makes it really good value for money. Since then it’s been a handy addition to my toolkit, and one which I’ve meant to blog about for a while now. This post is not that blog, instead, it’s a quick update to mention that they’ve just...

WHS Health add-in

A couple of weeks back I mentioned a new feature of Windows Home Server in PP3 - the health.xml file. I didn’t think it was going to take too long before add-ins were available that accessed that information, and I was right – here’s the first one I’ve come across. Again, I’m not sure how useful any of this info is (with the exception of the console errors, which you may be actively monitoring) but it’s still pretty neat. Tags: Windows Home Server

Mindscape LightSpeed 3.0 released

Local lads Mindscape released version 3.0 of their LightSpeed O/RM tool yesterday. The ‘what’s new’ list has some interesting technical additions (as you’d expect), but developers will also appreciate other changes such as improved samples (I’m a sucker for good samples), new databases providers, as well as a simplified licensing model. The migrations framework looks especially interesting – if it works half as well as the summary paragraph in the release post suggests then it’ll be a pretty invaluable feature for a lot of developers. I’d also suggest that using LightSpeed for this work instead of a tool such...

Bootable Windows 7 USB flash drive

How to create a bootable Windows 7 USB flash drive – if you’re reinstalling Windows a lot then this is something which would be very handy to have lying about. In fact even if you don’t reinstall often it’d be handy to have about! Tags: Windows

Using the asp:Chart control

The world of .NET is an exciting and ever changing environment to work in so it’s easy to occasionally miss useful things when they’re released. The asp:Chart control fits into this category – it was released well over a year ago, however I haven’t had any reason to use it until very recently. Here's a short (possibly the shortest) post with a snippets of information that I found useful about the Control, my 60 second summary if you will. To use the control with version 3.5SP1 of the .NET framework you have to install a...

Live Writer: using the DotNetKicks & DZone plugins together

I’m having a weird issue when using these 2 plugins together – only one of them seems to make it into the footer. Individually they both work fine! If this is a known thing with a known fix then someone please shout out before I burn time writing an updated version of the plugin! Tags: Windows Live Writer

Monthly browser tabs for November

Slightly late, but here’s the collection of interesting things sitting in my browsers currently. Code snippets at – I’ve converted a couple of these to SublimeText snippets, but I’m keeping the page sitting around as I’m sure there are some more useful ones lurking in that page. Export your google docs to a zip file (via Lifehacker) and Shared folders and more in Google docs (via the Google blog). Exporting to a zip file is an incredibly useful feature, and it’s something which will help mitigate that fear of the cloud which some people have. ...

I think it might be summer

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Handling multiple identities in browser applications

Like most people I’m finding these days that I’m doing more work inside a web browser. So much so that I’ve finally had to start allowing my browser to remember some of my usernames and passwords – this is something I avoided for quite some time, but it’s simply not worth the effort anymore. One thing I’ve started to run into is the need to handle multiple identities for the same site. There’s plenty of ways to open concurrent sessions to the same site (using incognito or in-private browsing tabs, or Firefox’s IETab addon) however I’m coming...