Notes/Domino refactoring/analysis tools

I’m in need of a refactoring/analysis tool for use on a couple of projects - truth be told I’ve needed one for a while. The main (possibly only) feature I’m after is a global “Find” function to search for a string inside all design elements of a database (equivalent to Visual Studio’s ‘Find in Files’ / ctrl+shift+f function).

The obvious contenders are from Ytria, and TeamStudio. Ytria’s product installation had a few issues, and I’m not in the mood to create an account right now so will have to take a look at it later – although looking at the pricing, I think it’s going to be too pricey for a part time Domino developer like myself. TeamStudio’s product seems to be missing pricing information entirely, which is usually a bad sign.

So before I go further – are there any other offerings worth looking at? Suggestions welcomed!

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# re: Notes/Domino refactoring/analysis tools

You could try NotesHound but AFAIK it doesn't support Designer 8.5.
The Teamstudio tools are superior and support Designer 8.5 - but they are more expensive.

12/25/2009 12:48 AM | Christian Zalto


# re: Notes/Domino refactoring/analysis tools

if you want one free utility, you can try NotesPeek.... it will search for all documents or design elements.

12/25/2009 12:54 AM | paul


# re: Notes/Domino refactoring/analysis tools

NoteMan Toolbar will let you export a design and or docs to a DXL file, then you can search that file.

You can also use Designer's built-in Design Synopsis and search that with ctrl-F, but the synopsis will often hit a limit on a large design in R7 (not sure about 8) in which case you have to select subsets of design elements and search those separately.

12/25/2009 2:09 AM | jamie magee


# re: Notes/Domino refactoring/analysis tools

And I don't think NotesPeek searches for strings in design elements, last time I checked. And Teamstudio's Configurator (design search and replace) is very well done. Expensive but worth it if you need it on a large design. Less expensive Analyzer works for just the find, but does not replace.

12/25/2009 2:17 AM | jamie magee


# re: Notes/Domino refactoring/analysis tools

Have you ever tried to use the built-in search capability of DD 8.5.x? That should do it for you - and it's free.

12/25/2009 3:10 AM | René Winkelmeyer


# re: Notes/Domino refactoring/analysis tools

Check out DDSearch from the Sandbox on

It essentially dumps the db to DXL on your local drive, you can update it at any time (like an FT index). You can search for a string and select the types of design elements/docs you want to search. It's free and I used it a ton and it was great.

Works fine in 6/6.5/7, not sure about 8.x though so be careful if you want to try it there.

DDE *should* eventually make this trivial and a built-in capability.

12/25/2009 3:18 AM | Erik Brooks


# re: Notes/Domino refactoring/analysis tools

The only truly useful search and *replace* utility for this function is Teamstudio Configurator. I am glad to learn about DD Search though. If you're really strapped for cash and not in as much of a hurry, it at least makes functional refactoring *possible*. Finding all references to a view or other refactored element manually is unlikely to be 100% successful. Frankly it is not worth the risk to even attempt it.

If you want to redo UI bits like action bars or view color and font settings, the Ytria ActionBarEZ and ViewEZ tools are essential. Another example of an overwhelming tedious task that would be almost pointless because of the time required. I know you can rent those tools so the cost issue may not be as much of an obstacle.5

12/25/2009 5:56 AM | Kevin Pettitt


# re: Notes/Domino refactoring/analysis tools

Thanks for the responses everyone!

@Christian - I'd looked at the NotesHound website before posting, but it didn't load so I thought it was an outdated product. It's back up now so I'll check that out.

@René - I'm embarassed to say I hadn't! Was that something they've added with 8.5? I'm quite surprised I've not seen more people mention that! Thanks :)

Will also checkout NotesMan toolbar and DDSearch - both sound useful, thanks!


12/25/2009 7:42 AM | Ross Hawkins


# re: Notes/Domino refactoring/analysis tools

On OpenNTF there is a new refactoring plug-in for DDE. For massive operations you could use DXL Magic to export/import your design (also on OpenNTF) via DXL.

12/26/2009 11:02 AM | Stephan H. Wissel


# re: Notes/Domino refactoring/analysis tools

Teamstudio is "pricey". But their tools are leaders in the market. I have used Analyzer, CIAO and Configurator, and Delta and they would be the basic suite of tools to get if you have some heavy re-factoring to and you got a couple of developers bashing away at it.

From memory you're probably up for around $8000 for all that, but that was a couple of years ago. Speak to them, they won't bite. I have dealt with them and never had a problem.

The worst you can say to them is "no"... Happy New Year.

12/26/2009 6:02 PM | Giulio


# re: Notes/Domino refactoring/analysis tools

Hi Ross,

First of all thanks for discovering Ytria. I would recommend you create an account to at least use the lite versions of the tools which are free forever.

With the FREE lite version of viewEZ for instance you will be able to see all your views with associated columns and with a simple click of the F buttons (F6, F7, F8) in the columns menu you will have different properties displayed (sort order, hide when, family by colors). Again this is available in the free lite version. In the full version you will be able to drag and drop columns and mass edit properties, search for a string in column formulas, compare columns and formulas and show all columns with identical formulas ".." actionBarEZ does similar things for actions. Also scanEZ in the lite version (free) will give you anything and everything that NotesPeek gives you and a lot more and with the full version you will be able to edit anything you see (Profile Documents, Documents, Deletion Stubs) If you use scanEZ in the full version you will no longer need to write agents for one time use to modify data or write one time views. All Ytria Tools also run outside of Notes.

As for searching and replacing a string.. Teamstudio Configurator (!) It is the best for this task, however be aware that it might not support outlines.

We do offer free 5 day trials so feel free to contact us:

12/28/2009 12:22 AM | Andre H

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