The obligatory Happy New Year post

This is the obligatory Happy New Year post.. so, happy new year all!

I’ve got quite a few posts currently sitting in various stages of draft – I’d planned to write a bit around Christmas, however the novelty of actually having a break took over. So I’m a little behind, but feeling well rested.

Here’s a quick preview of what I’ve currently got sitting in draft:

  • My “lessons learned” post from experience over the past couple of years as a freelancer/small business owner. Writing down a bit about my experiences was helpful for my own analysis, and on reading it I figured others might find it helpful in some small way.
  • My opinions on why flat out recommending MVC to new ASP.NET developers can often be misleading. Nothing to do with the technology (which I love), but more about thinking of the real world situations the developer in question wants to equip themselves for.
  • My experiences switching from Windows Mobile to an iPhone. I stuck with Windows Mobile for a long long time, which made my switch feel like a breath of fresh air. Thanks to Vodafone NZ for the subsidised device too!
  • Talking about using Mindscape LightSpeed (.NET O/RM tool)
  • Documenting my current PC software setup (as I’ve switched a few applications round recently, and found it amazing what a difference changing a few core applications can make).
  • Documenting my current Lotus Notes client configuration – for similar reasons.
  • Working on a few demos using jQuery with XPages in a few different ways.

..and that’s just my current drafts. I’m also planning on reducing the number of shorter postings and throwing them over to my other slightly more chaotic site, all in an aim to increase the quality and focus of writing here.

Here’s to a happy and productive 2010!

Posted on Friday, January 1, 2010 10:49 PM | ASP.NET Notes/Domino Web Development

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  • # re: The obligatory Happy New Year post
    Commented on 1/6/2010 9:13 AM

    I'm interested in seeing your PC/App listings and your Notes configurationing.... :)

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