Fixing an issue where DominoBlog displays categories incorrectly

Issue: One or more of your categories in a DominoBlog isn’t displaying correctly. Instead of seeing the contents of the category you see a set of DX tags, i.e. $DXSubjectLink$ and so forth as shown in the image below:


A quick search reveals that there's a few other people who have this issue, but no one mentioning the (rather simple) fix. As I don’t use DominoBlog it took me a little while to find out what was causing it so thought I’d mention it here in case it helps someone.

Simply edit the content category document, go to the ‘Formatting’ tab, then ‘Template Overrides’, and make sure you haven’t accidentally selected intentionally from that list (i.e. ‘Document’).

Simple to fix, but possibly harder to find.

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Posted on Monday, May 31, 2010 6:20 AM | Notes/Domino

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