A quick collection of useful .NET related links

LightSpeed 3.1 released – Eeek, I missed mentioning the release of fellow New Zealanders Mindscape as they released version 3.1 of their LightSpeed O/RM product last month. Some great looking features in there – obviously Visual Studio 2010 support is a must, but saved quick views into the model is something which has my mouth watering, and splitting large models into multiple files is a a nice feature too.

Simplify, Shorten and Speed Up Your LINQ Statements with "Let" – a useful LINQ tip. A little bit of refactoring ahoy for me in a few places now I think.

IQueryable Can Kill Your Dog, Steal Your Wife, Kill Your Will To Live, etc. – IQueryable 101. A useful resource if you want to either a) skip explaining the basics to someone who’s new to IQueryable, or b) build an argument against extending IQueryables outside the boundaries of your DAL.

URL Rewrite – Multiple domains under one site. Part II – a while ago I quested to try and get TRAC happily installed on one of my servers so it could run happily alongside IIS. I suspect if I decide I want to try that again then this article is going to come in handy!

RavenDB & CouchDB – Basic Queries – I’ve had an interest in CouchDB for a while, so I find posts like this interesting, even though at this point it looks like RavenDB might be something which slots into .NET quite nicely. Don’t worry SQL, I still love you very much.

StyleCop 4.4 Beta - This release provides full support for C# 4.0 syntax, and also provides integration into VS2010 and VS2008.

Why LLBLGen Pro v3.0 is better than the regular designer for EF v4.0 – a slightly old link that I’ve been meaning to post for a while, with details on the benefits of using LLBLGen’s designer surface when working with EF4.0 instead of the default one.

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