IIS Express & New embedded database support - Why I love being busy

One thing I love about being incredibly busy is seeing new shiny stuff get released which you didn’t know was in the pipeline. Two small but recent examples of this are the new IIS Express and ASP.NET’s updated embedded database support.

Although I need to sit down and give them both a proper test-drive, at first glance in both cases it really looks like the ASP.NET team listened to what the community was after.

Introducing IIS Express – Cassini was convenient, but less than accurate in terms of how an application would perform in a proper IIS environment. IIS Express looks like it’ll address that, as well as offer a lot of other flexibility to developers (especially those stuck on environments such as Windows XP and Windows 2003). Read the linked post and its comments to get a load more information.

New Embedded Database Support with ASP.NET – previous embedded database options always feel a little short of being usable for anything other than the simplest applications. SQL CE 4 sounds like it might be a lot more usable. O/RM support and the ability to run in medium trust make it something which is bound to be useful for a lot of people.

I’m looking forward to giving both of these a test run when they’re out of beta.

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Posted on Sunday, July 04, 2010 11:29 PM |

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