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Whenever a new New Zealand specific freelancer / crowdSPRING type site pops up I like to check it out – it’s an interesting window into your country’s technology trends. seems to be spending quite a bit of money on Adsense clicks at the moment, so I wandered over and took a look at their site and more specifically at the list of technologies they have current postings for.

So from the screenshot below, can you see a couple of technologies which are absent?


(Hint: these technologies might appear under either “IBM Tivoli” or under “Linux” in the listings.

I know the global story is positive, and that there’s interesting things going on in the land of the yellow right now – but it’s interesting to see (quite often) that the technology I’m alluding to is quite often absent from technology lists like the one I’ve posted above in New Zealand.

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Posted on Thursday, October 14, 2010 11:00 PM |

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