November 2010 Entries

Riddle me this

Here’s a couple of browser inconsistencies I’ve come across lately – can anyone tell me.. Why Internet Explorer shows the resulting JavaScript of ASP.NET’s (nasty and horrible) RegisterStartupScript calls in the page’s source, whereas Chrome does not? Why placing an img tag on a page with height=”0” and width=”0” absolutely kills the page performance in IE8, turning it into a slugging non-performing mess, however Chrome and Firefox handle it without a problem? Finally, does IE9 hide the JavaScript and fix the image? That’d be kind of funny/sad/ironic. Tags: Web Development

Wanted, usability improvements in real life

Usability on the web is a subtle art. Small changes and refinements can have a big impact on a user’s experience of your site, which in turn affects their chances of coming back for more. When your mind is in “usability” mode you start to notice a lot of things in meatspace which would receive large usability FAIL stickers should they be attempted in the web world. One which is driving me crazy lately here in New Zealand is point of sale systems and the way they handle credit/debit cards. Most POS machines seem to have a...

Another useful tablesorter plugin

This timespan parser is a handy addition to your tablesorter toolbox, useful for calendaring / scheduling applications. Tags: jQuery, Web Development

GridView Tips and Tricks

Apparently the ASP.NET GridView is the most commonly used data control in the ASP.NET control toolkit! I’d also wager a bet that it’s one of the most abused controls, and I know that it’s certainly responsible for generating some of the worst excuses for ASP.NET code I’ve seen. My personal nemesis is the overuse of FindControl - in my ever so humble opinion, if you have to use FindControl at all then you’ve probably failed. Sure there are exceptions, but as a general rule that’s a good one to go by. However the ASP.NET GridView Tips and Tricks...

The Sitemap Paradox

Most people who work with the web probably have thoughts/knowledge/opinions about sitemaps. If your name was Shaggy 2 Dope, you might be tempted to say something like: “Fucking Sitemaps, how do they work?” Well The Sitemap Paradox might help. Or it might not. I guess that’s the paradox of it all. There’s some interesting reading in there, some of it apparently coming from someone who works on Google’s sitemap team. Either way it’s an interesting read if you’ve pondered on sitemaps and their value in the past.