Introduction to jQuery templates

If you’ve read anything about the story around Microsoft’s adoption of jQuery then you may of heard mention of jQuery templates. I’ve seen a few older examples of templating approaches using JavaScript before using Microsoft’s Ajax, and while I could easily see the value and appeal it didn’t feel like it was worth switching over to MS Ajax just to use it.

As of jQuery version 1.5, templates will be included as part of the core functionality, which says to me that it’s time to get interested and start paying attention, and one of the best way’s to get started is Stephen Walther’s post titled An Introduction to jQuery Templates.

The title of Stephen’s blog implies it has an ASP.NET focus (which it does), however the templating post is technology agonistic. It’s a well written post containing a good array of examples to help you determine whether you’ve got a use for this technology, and if so, to help you get started with using it quickly and easily.

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Posted on Saturday, December 4, 2010 2:17 PM |

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