February 2011 Entries

More discussion in defence of var

Once More In Defense Of The var Keyword raises the point that using ‘var’ in your C# code helps encourage the use of meaningful variable names. It’s an interesting assertion to add to the discussion, but in the end I think it just comes down to personal preference – some people love it, some hate it. For what it’s worth, I’m in the latter camp. Tags: C#

Vodafone Sure Signal - sounded promising for all of 5 seconds

If you live in New Zealand and you’re a Vodafone customer then the chances are you’ve got awful cellular coverage. Where I live it’s so bad that I’ve considered disconnecting my mobile – when I’m at home the missed calls and call drop outs end up being more of a liability than anything else. So the Sure Signal device should be something I’m excited about – and I was, until I read the bit that says you need to be a Vodafone broadband customer in order to use it. Huh? I need to use your crappy broadband service...

Hello from Mt Fuji

Taken from the side of Mt Fuji, with other peaks off in the distance. Tags: Travel

An interesting revelation during Lotusphere week

I’m writing this sitting in an Airport lounge preparing to fly off to Norway via Tokyo and I’m looking to grab some documents from our client to read on the plane. The documents are on the customer’s SharePoint server, and so I’ve got a few URLs to the relevant sections (of which there are quite a few), and each section contains a few documents. After taking a look through a couple of documents I decide I should grab them all. I’m accessing this via a Web Browser over a VPN and haven’t really used SharePoint 2010 much so...