April 2011 Entries


Glimpse is a debugger that shows you what’s happening on the server, inside your browser – from the video it looks very handy. Tags: ASP.NET

The use of Probabilistic Risk Assessment in software development risk registers

Last week I was writing some documentation that required a risk register table (a.k.a a risk log). The risks for this change were very low probability but would have a very high impact, and it struck me at the time that without being able to calculate the probability with some greater level of accuracy then the value of the entire table was somewhat diminished. Fast forward a couple of days and I was listening to Risky Business #191 -- Nuclear weapons security and infosec where that exact topic was covered from 2 alternate angles – information security and nuclear...

MVC Music Store v3.0

The MVC Music Store tutorial/sample application has had a technology update. It now covers ASP.NET MVC 3, Entity Framework Code-First, SQL Server Compact, and demonstrates the Scaffolding features included in the Tools Update. Tags: MVC, Microsoft, ASP.NET