Fixes for a couple of SSRS issues

I’m not a huge fan of SSRS, but as far as reporting solutions goes it seems to do the job most of the time. Here’s a couple of useful links to fix issues I’ve run into recently – the first courtesy of the LavaBlast Software blog, and second courtesy of Doug.

Gotcha: Reporting Services Viewer bugs on Google Chrome – The Report Viewer control has always had many cross compatibility issues. This post details adding some JavaScript hackery to fix a couple of specific issues with Google Chrome (Each button in the toolbar takes a separate line - you thus end up with 5 toolbars instead of one, taking up all the space, and an issue where the width & height were slightly off (50 to 100 pixels), causing scrollbars to appear).

Solving ReportViewer Rendering Issue on IIS7 – a small change required to make the Report Viewer play nicely under IIS7 (shows how long since I’ve had to touch Reporting Services!).

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Posted on Monday, August 01, 2011 11:19 AM |

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