More mobile Boilerplates and templates

The mobile boilerplates and templates keep on rolling in.

Magazine Grid looks like a great starting point if you’re looking to present some text/images in a clear, easy to read way. It’s from the folks at Asidemag, which is a pretty impressive iPad tuned HTML5 magazine.

My initial reaction is that it’d be even better if it had a bit of navigation/transition support built into it, but I guess the whole idea is that it’s nice and lightweight so you can combine it with whatever you like.

Touchy Boilerplate (according to the website) “goes beyond just an HTML/CSS template, adding performance optimization tools, hardware accelerated animation, device API, fixed positioning and much more so you can really rock the mobile web”.

I really liked the swipe enabled areas, but otherwise it looked very lacking compared to some of what jQuery Mobile offers already.

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Posted on Thursday, September 22, 2011 11:31 PM |

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