jQuery Mobile RC3

jQuery Mobile RC3 is out. Go grab it if you’re a jQuery mobile type person. It’s getting very close to release 1.0, and it looks like there’s a big drive for improved performance going on:

Sure, we know we said we were going straight to 1.0 when RC2 came out, but we’ve been making a ton of performance enhancements and we just want to make sure 1.0 goes off without a hitch. Unless a regression crops up, this is the exact code that will be released as 1.0 final later this week so consider this an early preview.

I’m looking forward to getting some time to check this out properly – performance was one of my major/only concerns when I first gave this a test run in the beta phase, so if they make decent inroads with this RC or with the 1.0 release then the future should be looking good.


Posted on Thursday, November 17, 2011 10:37 PM |

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