jQuery Mobile 1.0 Final

In my defence I noticed the release of RC3 a little late! Now 1.0 Final is out – time to skip past RC3 and get upgrading.

That’s right, version 1.0 is out! After more than a year of refinements, we now have a rock solid release.


When we first launched this site back in the summer of 2010, we had a few concept sketches and some very ambitions goals: to create an elegant HTML5-based user interface library for the jQuery community designed to work on all popular mobile platforms. We are built on the strengths of jQuery core and jQuery UI and strive to make mobile development efficient, accessible and maybe even a bit fun.

If you’re interested in the full progression timeline, then it’s in the posting I mention above, and copied here:

I’m not quite sure how it is that Beta 3 comes after RC1, but apparently it did!

Reading the ‘Word of Thanks’ paragraph is interesting. It’s no surprise that there’s a long list of contributors who helped out, but the list of corporate sponsors is a little surprising. Especially the one ‘premier sponsor’ – Adobe. Given recent announcements that’s kind of interesting.


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