April 2012 Entries

Something simple and obvious that can trip you up when working with Google WebFonts

It seems they don't work locally, unless being viewed through a local webserver. I’d used Google fonts many times before, however this week they simply “didn’t work”. Seems that previously when I’d been using them I’d been using a Visual Studio solution with my good buddy IIS Express, whereas last week I was throwing the relevant includes into a local file sitting on my Windows desktop and cursing at the results. Not the most technical tip in the world, but potentially a timesaver.

iOS theme for jQuery Mobile

Working with jQuery mobile? Targeting your site at iOS users? Well, you’ll probably want to check out this iOS theme for jQuery mobile. I gave it a quick test on both an iPhone4 (non S) and an iPad 2, and it feels a lot smoother than the last tests I did with jQuery mobile. I’m assuming that’s to do with the 1.01 release, but either way it’s nice to feel the framework maturing. Link: Blog post Link: Demo Tags: jQuery Mobile, iOS

A Domino Server migration tip for part time / ex Domino Admins

One of the things I always loved about the Lotus Domino Server was how easy it was to move it to new hardware. Run the installer, copy the data directory (and .ini file if needed) and boom – server comes up as before, no problems. So when I recently did a migration (for my last remaining Domino customer) where the drive structure changed I was surprised to see logging errors appear as it was trying to access the old Domino Data path. Turns out the culprit was Traveler. To fix this, simply edit the %DominoData%\traveler\cfg\NTSLogging.properties file and update the...

The Windows 8 editions look surprisingly logical

The recently announced Windows 8 editions look nice and simple, removing some of the confusion around home/professional/ultimate that existed with Windows 7. Windows RT can easily be ignored because it’s pretty obvious that it’s aimed at specific devices, so we’re left with 2 editions. The list of features in the link above isn’t a full list of features, but really it looks like most people will be pretty happy with the non-Pro version, except for people who want to use the inbuilt remote desktop host, or any encryption/domain control features. Now, can we have an ETA please?