A couple of handy items for your jQuery/ASP.NET toolkit

I’ve recently come across 2 ASP.NET/jQuery related gems on the LavaBlast Software Blog that are worth sharing.

Style ASP.NET Web Forms Validators with qTip 2 – I’ve used qTip on a couple of projects/sites, however in those situations it was used somewhat “creatively”. Namely, for rather obtrusive hover-preview popups that were incredibly annoying but actually made sense in the context of the application. However the post above is showing a much better use of qTip, which is form validation.

I like this post because I like to use the ASP.NET validators whenever possible, even though (as LavaBlast put it):

The default validators inside ASP.NET Web Forms are quite uninteresting and require some styling work to look adequate

Yes, yes they do. Throwing qTip in the mix looks like a nice way to improve on that.

jQuery plugin to postback an ASP.NET button – okay, okay, yes it’s hacky, and if you’re having to do this then odds are you’re desperate, and it’s probably a better idea to re-architect what you’re doing to avoid needing to this. However – I’ve needed to do it before (a long time ago mind you), and so it’s handy having something like this in your toolbox. It certainly looks a lot cleaner than the approach I had to settle on years back, however that was back in the days of early MS-Ajax and the early AjaxControlToolkit, before jQuery was so widely accepted. Those were different times indeed.

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