September 2012 Entries

As an iPhone user, I’m still excited about Windows Phone

I’m an iPhone user, but I’m still pretty excited about Windows Mobile Phone. And here’s why. As a Microsoft Developer, it just makes sense for me to be. I’ve been involved with the development of a couple of simple apps/games for WM7, and the level of integration with developer tools that I already use is just so compelling. Microsoft really knows how to appeal to developers, and even though I’m not in love with XAML, the whole experience of writing apps using an IDE and a language that you already know is just so… easy. Secondly, I...

WinRT RSS Reader–RSS Readers are the new Hello World!

Hello World! Looking to get started with WinRT? Well creating an RSS Reader is the new Hello World app, so check this out: Windows 8 HTML5 WinRT App: Create a small RSS reader

Cross-platform solutions–do you hate your users?

I came across this neat quote on the topic of cross-platform development: Write Once Run Anywhere: Do you hate your users? Most cross-platform solutions benefit developers and customers, but rarely value users and user experience. The quote came from this slide deck covering the rise of Xamarin, however I found it via this Fast Chicken blog post. It’s a bit of a generalisation of course, as surely some of these tools can create good applications if they’re used well, but in general I agree with the sentiment. The main reason the quote made...