Link Roundup–4th of November 2012

Daily Server Porn – it’s all about the servers, not about the porn. The latest image (at time of writing this) is from Weta Digital in New Zealand.

Classic Shell allows you to remove most of the Metro/Modern elements from Windows 8. I’ve been running this for a couple of weeks as otherwise Windows 8 on a multi monitor desktop simply didn’t feel right to me.

Windows 8 is the new XP – take old news stories heralding the failure of XP, find/replace for Windows 8, post, win. Although  I don’t remember having any issue getting used to XP.

Appville is a free magazine for iOS developers. Bought to you by the creator of App Design Vault, which is a source of excellent iOS design templates (with Xcode skeleton projects).

A life less posted – a great post about the effects of posting everything one does on a social network, “because if you don’t post photos of what you’re doing, it didn’t really happen, right?”. It’s not a ‘quitting Facebook’ post, more a reflection on social media habits and their potential negative effects. I really like the idea of reflecting back on how things were “before we all got online and got this idea that the value of a moment is directly proportional to the number of likes it receives.” is a service for automatically reporting, tracking and alerting you to errors in your applications bought to you by the team at Mindscape. Hope there’s options for outputting summaries/alerts to IRC channels!

Team Foundation Service – TFS in the cloud, looks very appealing due to pricing (free for MSDN subscribers or teams of less than 5), as well as the clients it supports (VS of course, but that includes Express versions, also Eclipse and Xcode are mentioned too). CI without the need for infrastructure is a win in my book.

SimpleMembership: The future of membership for ASP.NET – I’ve always disliked the previous implementation of the Membership provider for so many reasons. SimpleMembership looks like a great way forward.

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