Link Roundup–15th of December 2012

50 Web Development Resources from 2012 – some useful stuff, although seriously how many CSS frameworks do we need?

9 OSX command line tricks you should know – most of these seem unappealing to me, but, from this post I learned about ‘caffeinate’ (prevent the Mac from sleeping or screensavers from activating) which is very handy for me at times, and about potentially updating OSX without using the App Store.

BYOD is about to get more expensive – it’ll be interesting to see how this affects the popularity of BYOD, as cost savings were always one of the main reasons it was tolerated in the enterprise.

Invasion of the mobile monster – BYOD info graphic.

The new Facebook application template and library for ASP.NET MVC – updated to coincide with the release of the Web Tools 2012.2, this looks like a great way to build Facebook apps, if you wanted to do that sort of thing.

How To Be A Non-Technical Cofounder – a month old, written in the wake of NZ’s “Wheedle” incidents. There’s some good info in there that applies to anyone who doesn’t consider themselves technical, but works with a business or service that’s technology related. Throwing your hands up and saying “I’m not technical!” isn’t an excuse for much these days.

rdumpfs is a handy wrapper to rsync to take date stamped snapshots of various directories. I’m currently using some simple rsync scripts to augment my Time Machine backups on my OSX systems, so this looks like a good addition/replacement. [EDIT] I think this is for Linux rsync, and it doesn’t seem to work after some testing.

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