January 2013 Entries

Link Roundup–26th of Jan 2013

jQuery Mobile Advanced - More jQuery Mobile and jQuery Mobile Themes – links to some advanced jQuery mobile articles with an ASP.NET theme. Improve the performance of your ASP.NET app – and find out if your database is slowing you down – free ebook from Red Gate, which is also something of a publishing experiment: This book began as a publishing experiment: could we make the collective wisdom of the ASP.NET and SQL Server communities available as an eBook? We chose performance improvements as our topic, and started asking for tips in November 2012. ...


Late last year I came across Google Analytics on Steroids, and the other week I came across Analytics.js. Analytics.js looks more like an abstraction, handy for those who use multiple different providers and want to use consistent calls throughout their applications (whereas Google Analytics on Steroids added some pretty handy functionality to things). Analytics.js could be very handy if you’re dealing with some of the providers that it supports (although it looks like more are coming all the time), and it also seems to have a pretty good future roadmap in the works. Tags: Web Development

Why it’s easy being a hacker – A SQL injection case study

Why it’s easy being a hacker – A SQL injection case study – basically asserting that the top search results around learning MySQL/SQL all have terribly flawed code examples. Hardly surprising I guess, however I wonder how recent some of those posts are. I’m not a PHP kinda guy, but certainly a lot of blog posts I’ve seen in the .NET community that contain “quick” sample code have usually had some kind of disclaimer on them – whether that disclaimer is actually read or not is another matter altogether. Tags: SQL, Security

Using Social Media to cover for lack of original thought

Important tips for all social media experts. It’s part funny, part cringe worthy, simply as it’s so accurate. (Thanks Ben!)

We live in the future

“I would use it to look at pictures of cats and to get into arguments with strangers” This is a picture from an 1980s era kid’s book – we live in the future! Happy New Year!