Link Roundup–26th of Jan 2013

jQuery Mobile Advanced - More jQuery Mobile and jQuery Mobile Themes – links to some advanced jQuery mobile articles with an ASP.NET theme.

Improve the performance of your ASP.NET app – and find out if your database is slowing you down – free ebook from Red Gate, which is also something of a publishing experiment:

This book began as a publishing experiment: could we make the collective wisdom of the ASP.NET and SQL Server communities available as an eBook? We chose performance improvements as our topic, and started asking for tips in November 2012.

The ASP.NET developer checklist – a checklist of best practices, with the code on Github too for anyone interested.

OWASP Tesing guide – it’s not new (2008) but is pretty extensive, so is worth a fresh mention.

Taking payments online (in Europe) in 2013 – an interesting read for anyone who has worked, or does work, with online payments.

Liftoff is “a CLI for configuring opinionated defaults for new Xcode projects”.

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