On VMware Fusion with genetically modified Macs

A while back when I ripped open by Macbook Pro to install a second HDD I commented on how it felt a little ‘wrong’. I also mentioned a semi random crippling speed issue with VMware Fusion and the Optibay (actually it’s related to any additional hard drive by the sounds of it).

Well it seems that the thread and the issue are both still alive and well and frustrating people well over a year after I originally created it.

I’m kind of surprised by that, but have to wonder whether it’s the sort of issue that pops up due to the closed/controlled nature of Apple hardware. Developers aren’t used to needing to cater for a huge variety of hardware configurations, and instead probably (I’m guessing, clearly) get used to simply checking what model and era they’re executing on and assuming that no evil hackery has gone on since the machine was shipped from the hallowed sanctum of Cupertino (or from China, whatever).

Granted, the nature of virtualisation (or virtualization for those who prefer the z) is as such that it’s working at a much lower level than a lot of standard software, so it’s a class of software that’s more prone to issues with non-standard hardware, but I’d be really interested in whether there’s a lot of other examples out there of software issues like this popping up with Apple hardware that’s been modified.

The issue was crippling, and made it impossible to use virtualisation, so in the end, my “fix” was to buy a new MBP. I still stand by what I said in my original post in that the MCE Optibay is a great modification, but I really did find the whole experience “interesting” and can’t see myself ever wanting to modify any Apple hardware I may or may not own in the future. I also find myself wondering, if maybe that’s not entirely unintentional on Apple’s part.

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Posted on Thursday, March 7, 2013 9:43 PM |

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