Link Roundup–6th of May 2013 (Azure special)

I’ve spent the last couple of months involved with a project that makes heavy use of Windows Azure. On top of that, there’s been a lot of recent enhancements and improvements in the world of Azure, hence this post has an Azure theme, covering Azure related things which have appeared over the last few weeks.

Windows Azure: Active Directory Release, New Backup Service + Web Site Monitoring and Log Improvements – some new features released on the 8th of April - cloud based Active Directory, Windows Azure backups, and diagnostic improvements to Azure Web Sites.

Introducing the Event-Driven Message Programming Model for the Windows Azure Service Bus and What's New in the Windows Azure SDK 2.0 Release (April 2013) both cover some new features that were recently added to the Windows Azure Service Bus specific. The new event driven programming model looks handy. TL;DR – some cool stuff was released for the Service Bus.

Penny Pinching in the Cloud: Enabling New Relic Performance Monitoring on Windows Azure Websites – using New Relic to obtain handy performance monitoring information from your Azure based sites (TL;DR – oooh shiny graphs!).

Windows Azure SDK 2.0 for .NET Released - Some cool new stuff – improved publishing and management for Web sites (which of course are still in preview mode), streaming diagnostic logs for Web sites, updates to the Visual Studio Table Explorer, performance updates, new powershell cmdlets, and more. I’m looking forward to Web sites coming out of preview, as they’re looking more and more like a viable (and cost effective) option for some of our hosting.

If you’re someone who liked videos, then you can also learn more about the SDK release, and see some demos of it in action, from Scottgu’s visit to the Cloud Cover Show on Channel9:


Publishing to Azure Web Sites from any git/hg repo – handy deployment options for Azure Websites where the code is hosted on either:

  • a local git repository
  • a TFS project
  • a git project on GitHub
  • a git or Mercurial project on Bitbucket
  • a git or Mercurial project on CodePlex
  • code in a Dropbox folder

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