July 2013 Entries

Testing Azure transient fault handling

One of the thoughts that went through my mind when implementing The Transient Fault Handling Application Block was how to test it, and prove that it’s actually doing something. It’s not that I don’t trust it, but more thinking about needing to demonstrate to customers/people that they need it in their application, and to be able to show them why they need it. I was planning to put together a little demo when I had time, however my procrastination has paid off and Robert Moore (creator of the NHibernate specific module for transient fault handling) has put something together:...

It’s possibly not a good time to be running Wordpress

At least not if it’s unpatched. Or, running too many plugins. Ouch.

Epic Fails in Azure Architecture

I bring you: Epic Fails in Azure Architecture! What is this? It’s a quick list of things which should be considered when architecting an application for Windows Azure (although a lot of this is relevant to other cloud technologies). These points are all results of a real world code audit, where each of these items was neglected. Why? From real world experience, it feels like various aspects of Azure architecture might be worth emphasising, and also that the tight integration offered by Visual Studio might be shielding some developers and architects from thinking about PaaS/IaaS (aka...