August 2013 Entries

The NZ Herald shows its quality once again

I know it’s a breaking story, but seriously, a little bit of proofreading wouldn’t go astray, would it?

Bootstrap 3 – 2700 commits from 319 contributors

Bootstrap 3 has been released, but why am I linking to that announcement, given that anyone who’s interested in Bootstrap will no doubt already know that v3 is out? Well, other than the fact that I'm using and liking Bootstrap a lot lately, the fact that there's been over 2,700 commits from 319 contributors commits between v2 and v3 made me pause and think - that's quite a lot of effort, and quite a lot of complexity. It makes you think of how much work goes into a framework like this, and indeed into any framework of any sort...

iOS versus Android–a Developer Focused Comparison

Comparisons between the development experience for these two platforms is pretty common, but it’s pretty easy for bias and/or emotion to slip into any such comparison. Android vs. iOS: Comparing the Development Process of the GQueues Mobile Apps manages to sound pretty impartial, and in the end it crowns no clear “winner”, rather it points out differences across each platform from the perspective of developing the same app on each of them. As someone who's developed for iOS and played with some cross platform tools as well as having done some native development on iOS I found...

Bundling and Minification–who needs MSBuild?

I’ve been working on a few projects where we’ve recently implemented ASP.NET 4.5’s bundling and minification offering, and have been really impressed with the results, both in terms of perception of speed due to the reduced number of requests as well as the reduction in amount of data transferred. So when Integrating a JS Build Process Into MSBuild in Visual Studio 2012 Express popped up via one of my news sources (Zite for anyone interested) I thought I’d have a read, explicitly to re-evaluate the MSBuild approach versus the offering that’s now integrated with .NET 4.5. Flicking through the...

Enabling NuGet package restores on a TFS build server

Posting this here so I can find it again later: Enable NuGet package restore on the build server The shorter version: Add a new environment variable on the server via System Properties named "EnableNuGetPackageRestore", with a value of true, and retry your build. Tags: TFS