Bundling and Minification–who needs MSBuild?

I’ve been working on a few projects where we’ve recently implemented ASP.NET 4.5’s bundling and minification offering, and have been really impressed with the results, both in terms of perception of speed due to the reduced number of requests as well as the reduction in amount of data transferred. So when Integrating a JS Build Process Into MSBuild in Visual Studio 2012 Express popped up via one of my news sources (Zite for anyone interested) I thought I’d have a read, explicitly to re-evaluate the MSBuild approach versus the offering that’s now integrated with .NET 4.5.

Flicking through the post reinforces how nice the offering in 4.5 is. No need for extra steps in your development/deployment workflow, easy to add to any solution, support for MVC and WebForms, and easy to add a layer on top of it so your bundles can be configuration driven (which is what we’ve done in almost all our projects).

The Web.Optimization framework really is so much simpler than a MSBuild style approach, however it strikes me that there must be some cases where you may want/need a little more control over things.. but I can’t quite think of any offhand. I find that strange as I’m usually good at spotting downsides to these sort of things, so I put it to you dear reader, can you think of, or have you encountered any scenarios where the Web.Optimization framework isn’t suitable, and where you’d need an MSBuild style (as there are a few post build or during deployment options out there) option for JavaScript minification and bundling?

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Posted on Sunday, August 11, 2013 4:12 PM |

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