Bootstrap 3 – 2700 commits from 319 contributors

Bootstrap 3 has been released, but why am I linking to that announcement, given that anyone who’s interested in Bootstrap will no doubt already know that v3 is out?

Well, other than the fact that I'm using and liking Bootstrap a lot lately, the fact that there's been over 2,700 commits from 319 contributors commits between v2 and v3 made me pause and think - that's quite a lot of effort, and quite a lot of complexity. It makes you think of how much work goes into a framework like this, and indeed into any framework of any sort (although it is likely that the adoption rate of Bootstrap being so high means it probably receives more effort than a lot of other frameworks, but that’s a discussion that requires metrics to be ).

You could take that thinking further, wander down one of two paths - either that you should use frameworks like this because of the amount of testing and effort that goes into them, or, that you should avoid using frameworks like this because they're likely to be overly complex and have the potential to contain a lot of code that caters for scenarios that you might not care about, thus adding bloat and third party dependencies into your site/app. I'm firmly in the former category, however I still had to stop and pause at that number of commits.

Here’s some stats, for anyone who’s interested, but not interested enough to click on the full link:

  • Over 2,700 commits from 319 contributors
  • 379 files changed, meaning 84,000 additions and deletions
  • Over 900 comments in the pull request
  • Over a 20% reduction in minified CSS (from 127kb to 97kb)

And another interesting stat:

  • Over 9,800 closed issues


Posted on Tuesday, August 20, 2013 3:36 PM |

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