September 2013 Entries

An informative guide on how to make a tech commercial

    It’s funny because it’s accurate.

Writing emails can be horrible

  I write a lot of emails, so I identify with a lot of what’s in this video.

Connected but Isolated, on working remotely

I run a company where we all work remotely, and it works very well for us, so I’m always interested in reading opinion pieces on the subject, such as: Connected But Isolated: The Real Problem with Working Remotely. Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer has recently bought a backlash against working from home into the spotlight, and it’s no secret that other companies have a hard time making it work. One of the things I often think about is why it works so well for us, given that larger companies with larger budgets to throw at tools and technology find it hard...

How did Domainz learn to be so secure?

I’ve previously talked about Domainz and their terrible security practices. Well, Domainz proudly states that they’re “A Melbourne IT Company”, and so as the saying goes, “Like father like son”: Melbourne IT compromise redirects NY Times, HuffPo readers And, this little doozy as well: Aaah good times (all links via

Windows Azure - New Mobile Services Samples

These New Mobile Services Samples are interesting (to me) for a couple of reasons. One is that mobile services looks like an incredibly useful offering for anyone building a mobile app, and it’s good to see it being talked about. Another is that a Xamarin sample has been added. Xamarin is something that I’ve been looking to play with for a while, so playing with it in the context of mobile services looks like a great way to kill 2 birds with one stone. If you’ve got a Pluralsight account and want a good dose of in depth detail...