October 2013 Entries

Reveal.js–in browser presentations with page transitions

For anyone who hates Powerpoint and wants a lightweight slide deck for a presentation, check this out. Regardless as to whether you can think of anywhere that you might use this, it’s very well done, and visually impressive just to run through the demo slide deck in a modern browser and see what’s possible.

Responsive Share Buttons using CSS and jQuery

As the bloat of code required to embed various buttons/widgets for sharing continues to increase, maybe you’re looking for something a little subtler for your sharing needs? If so, this may be of interest: Responsive Share Buttons CSS and jQuery. (Surely also this gets a +1 through use of jQuery ) Tags: jQuery

Google launches cloud-based tools for iPhone developers

Google launches cloud-based tools for iPhone developers and they're beautiful – that last bit is from the article title, not me. Interestingly this really feels like a move designed to counter/compete with Microsoft’s Azure Mobile Services, which look excellent (not necessarily the development of the services, but opening them up to iOS developers). The bullet points of the offering look to match Azure’s exactly, which is probably unsurprising that two large companies decided that developers would want/need similar features. Here’s a silly generic cloud diagram. Surely there’s a default PowerPoint template for “generic silly cloud diagram” by...