Developers beware IE’s sneaky new option when clearing cache

When I’m developing, I’m often running in autopilot mode for some things, and it seems one of those things is the dance of clearing IE’s cache then whacking F5 / CTRL-F5 after a change to a resource that could be cached.

I’ve just had a slightly frustrating dev session, all thanks to my internal autopilot combined with this new option when deleting browsing history:


IE is my development browser, so I have a few dev sites in my Favourites. While the text in the dialog box states pretty clearly what it’s doing, while running on autopilot I never even stopped to read it. Only after a few sessions of “Why the hell isn’t this image updating?” did I stop, notice there was a new option, at which point I went “Ohhhhh, right” and felt pretty stupid.

It’s amazing how many dialog boxes you don’t bother reading – when clearing cache I always took a quick glance to make sure all the options were checked (because I want to delete ALL the things!), clicked delete, job done. Or not.

Removing my stupid hat, this actually sounds like a handy browser feature, which I’d be grateful for if I used IE as my daily browser.

Posted on Sunday, November 17, 2013 4:09 PM |

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