February 2014 Entries

Link Roundup - February 23rd 2014

I haven’t done one of these for a while, however I’ve been insanely busy and have been stockpiling a whole bunch of interesting links! Raygun.io adds webhooks – yay! Raygun.io adds unique user tracking, for exceptions and crashes – very handy to work out if there’s a bunch of errors all caused by a single user, or distributed across many users. Social Kit – Free Photoshop Plugin For Designing Social Profiles And Pages. Currently supports 4 social networks, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Google+, and contains templates that allow you to see how things will look when live....

NHibernate training resources

NHibernate Training – a course which has just been made available freely on Github. Should be a useful resource for anyone looking to get started, or to expand their knowledge of NHibernate. NHibernate is the most powerful and advanced Object Relational Mapper available for the .NET platform. But with great power comes great responsibility and typically, a steep learning curve. This course aims to lower that learning curve to 3 intensive days where participants will learn all about the most important features of NHibernate, as well as be instructed on how to use those features responsibly...

Telecom uses magical newfound technology called “SSL” to fix ALL THE THINGS

In Telecom beefs up email security, Telecom discusses how they plan to use a magical newfound technology described as “SSL” to fix their on-going email security issues. A Telecom customer was quoted as saying “Praise Jeebus! We’re saved!” as the revelation of this newfound technology shows Telecom’s commitment to continuing to security excellence.