2 Android links, can you see a link between them?

F-Secure: Android accounted for 97% of all mobile malware in 2013, but only 0.1% of those were on Google Play – I guess it’s not so much of a concern if you stick to the Google Play store, however I imagine a lot of people love the “freedom” that Android gives them to grab apps from anywhere. If the stats are correct, that’s a pretty high figure – I wonder why?

Oh, maybe because of ecosystem update issues such as: Android KitKat is now rolling out to Samsung Galaxy devices in the US. KitKat was announced quite some time ago, and only now is Samsung able to roll out updates to the phones it has decided to provide KitKat support for.

While I realise that this isn’t exactly concrete statistical proof, it’s pretty compelling evidence to suggest that the Android way of handling new versions isn’t the best, and is probably contributing to the platform’s issues with malware.

The image below is out of date (can anyone link me to a recent one?), and while searching for an updated one I came across Android Fragmentation Visualized which has some interesting visualisations. It’s taking more of a development-centric viewpoint (look at the number of different screen sizes!), but the version breakdown and Comparison with iOS shows the differences between version adoption rates across the ecosystems.

I can’t wait to see an updated version.


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