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A day or so ago someone (thanks Blair!) pointed out that this site wasn’t being too friendly to mobile visitors – in fact, it was displaying a 404 to every mobile visitor. Ouch. This happened before and I fixed it, however I didn’t fix it in a completely sustainable way.

However “fixing it” again still meant that the site was still serving up the same 6+ year old design to all visitors, and it really wasn’t a pleasant experience on mobile devices.

So I’ve just taken the time to do a very quick skin update to something which should display nicely on mobiles and tablets as well as desktop browsers. It’s a little bland for now, and there’s some fine tuning still to be done, but it’s much more readable.

Please get in touch if you spot any issues, as there’s bound to be some!

Posted on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 9:41 PM | Miscellaneous Me

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