How To Migrate To HTTPS

How To Migrate To HTTPS is a WIP guide from the Chrome team (you can guess what the guide is about from the title). Given that sites served over HTTPS are now receiving a rankings boost, this is something which is bound to be a common task in 2015 and beyond.

Having all the caveats and things to be aware of (such as information about SNI and the devices that don’t support it) in a single document for reference is really handy, both for people who have done this before as well as people who might be doing it for the first time.

Possibly interesting is that at the time of writing, the guide doesn’t contain anything about the deprecation of SHA1, possibly because of an assumption that all certificate providers will be forcing SHA2 as the default (however given the history of some certificate providers, making any assumption like this is a bit dangerous).

The subtle dig to other advertising providers who don’t support serving content over HTTPS at the end of the document is somewhat amusing, but totally fair enough.

Very useful.

Posted on Friday, February 13, 2015 1:34 PM |

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