June 2015 Entries

Free eBooks on Azure and other Microsoft topics

If you’re interested in Azure or other Microsoft technologies then you might be interested in this collection of free eBooks. Tags: Microsoft, Windows Azure

Microsoft to Open Source Windows Live Writer

Looks like the push from Hanselman and others to open source Windows Live Writer has finally come through: Microsoft to Open Source Windows Live Writer. Good news for people (like me!) who have used it for quite some time and really can’t imagine using anything else. Tags: Windows Live Writer

Mailtrap – A Fake SMTP Server for Pre-Production Testing of Application Email

Mailtrap is a fake SMTP server for pre-production testing of application email. There’s obviously many ways to mock an email service in test, and if you’re using an API like Mandrill then this will be even easier, but if you’re using good old SMTP then Mailtrap looks handy.