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I’m finding myself using OneNote more and more over the last year or so. The fact that there are native clients for PC, OSX, and iOS, and that they’re *good* clients makes it a really nice tool for anyone who wants to track notes/tasks/other stuff and uses a mix of Windows, OSX and iOS devices. Oh, and it’s free too if you’re concerned about costs.

Over the past weeks I’ve bookmarked a number of OneNote related links. Here they are collated for your compressed reading pleasure, and it’s only now that I’ve noticed that a number of them come from the same source (I find most of my content via Zite, so I don’t always notice the source while I’m in the app).

How to Use OneNote Templates to Be More Organized – the default templates look pretty useful, and the ability to create custom templates is something that will be really handy for anyone sharing Notebooks amongst teams. Unfortunately template functionality is reduced on OSX.

5 Tips for Using OneNote as Your To-Do List – some useful keyboard shortcuts, and a good reminder that you can embed files – obvious, yes, but for people coming from other text based systems it’s sometimes easy to forget that OneNote supports all sorts of rich content!

Turn Outlook into a Project Management Tool with OneNote Integration – your mileage may vary on this one, sounds good in theory, feels a bit clunky to me (but then I’ve never used Outlook’s tasks, ever).

OneNote welcomes three new partners - cloudHQ, Equil and WordPress. Nothing too interesting to me personally, although the WordPress integration may lead to smoother MetaWebLog API support in future.

Microsoft OneNote tips: 5 better ways to manage and share data – pretty basic, but still some useful stuff in there, like linking to specific paragraphs inside a note.

Evernote vs. OneNote: Note-Taking Apps Showdown – contents of this link are as expected (spoiler alert – it’s all down to personal preference!).

Microsoft brings its digital ink to the iPad with OneNote handwriting update – a few months old now, handy for those of you who are able to read your own handwriting (I can’t, that’s why I can type 120+ WPM).

Spam in the comments if you’ve got any good OneNote tips not covered here!

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