A selection of useful SublimeText plugins for frontend developers

I’m always keeping an eye out for interesting SublimeText addons, of which there’s a *lot* to go through. The lists below are all things which aren’t too useful to me personally (as I usually do this sort of work using Visual Studio), however there’s some handy looking stuff in there for anyone using SublimeText for front end development, so they’re worth posting.

How to Add Sass Support in Sublime Text – also contains a rather handy tip:

You can avoid this by installing the SublimeOnSaveBuild plugin, which will automatically execute the default build action whenever you save changes to a file. (It’s also handy when you’re working with CoffeeScript.)

5 Sublime Text Plug-ins for Frontend Development – some handy stuff in here, Emmet looks pretty useful (I’d imagine that something like that could be handy for all sorts of other things including GTD / writing type work).

10 Essential SublimeText Plugins for JavaScript Developers – some handy ones in here, including helpers for AngularJS and Handlebars.

Posted on Saturday, October 17, 2015 12:45 PM | Web Development

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