November 2015 Entries

Windows 10 Build 1511

Over the weekend I was “lucky enough” to need to build a couple of new Windows boxes, and the timing coincided nicely with the release of Windows 10 build 1511. For those who didn’t pick up on it and who also happen to care, the 1511 is a combination of “2015” and “11 – November”. The first thing I noticed during the installs is that you’re now prompted during install to select your options for some of the more contentious privacy related options in the OS. By these I mean the sharing of typing and writing data with Microsoft, the...

Sending Ctrl+Alt+End to a Windows Remote Desktop Session using a Macbook

This is one that I’m writing down here for future reference, as it’s a keyboard shortcut that I need to use on my Macbook only a few times a year, and consequently I can never remember it. So, the magic combination is: fn-ctrl-option-rightarrow