Call me pedantic..

..but the first thing I thought when I saw this was whether or not the apostrophe is valid in the context "AB'S". Tags: Rugby

I think I have a problem

And apparently a problem shared is a problem halved, or something like that. So here we go. This is the Das Keyboard version 1:   It's modeled around the old school clunky IBM keyboards from long ago, with a couple of little differences. The keys are all individually weighted, so they take more or less force to press properly depending on the key which is supposed to be pressing it. That is to say that the keys which your little finger is going to hit are a bit heavier than the ones which are going to get pounded...

Have you seen Notes 8?

"Have you seen Notes 8? Wow! Seriously, wow," he says. That's what I said when I saw the lack of speed and the excessive RAM consumption too! Link: Some generic piece of PR bullshit Link: A vacuous link to a generic piece of PR bullshit Technorati tags: IBM, Lotus, Notes

Hardware troubleshooting techniques, Volume 1

PROBLEM: Noisy fan on my FreeBSD box SOLUTION: Disconnect noisy fan It's amazing how much quieter my FreeBSD/Squid cache box is with it's 120mm fan disconnected. I should know in about 24 hours as to whether my quick estimations on it's heat output and cooling requirements were accurate, but for now the acoustic improvements are worth the risk! Tags: FreeBSD